WELCOME TO BROKEN BRANCH! Hello! Broken Branch is a discord AND a minecraft server with active members, towns, commands, and cool staff (trust us on that one). We have games like Phasmophobia, Hypixel games, Among Us, Pico Park, Crab Game, FNAF and more We are a social server, and everyone is very friendly and welcoming to new members! Don't be afraid to join a vc and hangout. As we attain more members, staff applications may also open up, Come see us for yourself ;)

  • We are a 15 and up community
  • SFW
  • Themed emotes
  • Non-Toxic (Awaiting FDA approval)
  • English-speaking only
  • Self-Promo channels
  • Music bots (for your ears)
  • Look forward to events like:
  • Late Night Movies
    • Kahoot, Uno, Meme, Redstone, Building, and Art Tournaments -Anarchy
    • Holiday Activities & More!

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