Streaming Nights

BYOB to organized streaming nights. We will regularly host Watching Parties for movies, documentaries, TV Shows and Anime. We also take requests!

Music and Chat

We encourage members to make use of the Voice Channels and Music Bot!


Would you like to take part in a debate? Did you meet someone who has an opposing position to you? We facilitate moderated debates both in written and Voice Chat. Let our Mods know and we can organize this. Temporary Private Channels can also be created to give parties a moderated debate without the audience. Particularly useful for sensitive issues you wish to discuss without spectators.


Engage is short or long form conversations in our 'Serious' channels. These are channels for focused discussion on topics the community selects. Moderation is heavy here so you can certain the flow of conversation won't be interrupted with image floods, off-topic conversations etc.


Compare yourself to who you were yesterday! What did you improve? Whether you want to learn to draw, cook, write, code or whatever! Come to the Hobbies area and find like minded individuals you can learn from. Are you already awesome? Then come and share your greatness with the community! We want to amplify people who have the desire to uplift others! Do you cook? Share some recipes! Do you love photography? Suggest some gear or showcase a sample of your work! We want to help people self-improve! Feel to share book recommendations and articles to educate, your own success stories to motivate and inspire! We can all do better than we did yesterday!

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