80s/90s Nostalgia

We're a community of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s- before cancel culture, social media and echo chambers. We remember Saturday Morning cartoons, sugary cereal, pogs, rollerblades, MTV playing music, films were good, TV was cheesy and music was good.

Streaming Nights

BYOB streaming nights. We regularly stream films, documentaries or just chill in VC.


Engage is short or long form conversations in our 'Serious' channels. These are channels for focused discussion on topics the community selects.

Memes, Emojis and Shitposts

We love memes and shitposts, but we know there's a time and a place for them. Meme away in our dedicated channels!

Nostalgia Nights

We get together (virtually) and talk about things we miss from the past- current events, politics, art, fashion, you name it!

Movie Nights

We all get together in a voice channel, choose a movie off of Netflix or another streaming service, and hit play at the same time!

Game Nights

We love playing games- we are running RPG sessions regularly and there's always room to get involved! We play D&D 3.5e at the moment :)

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