Bioshock is an amazing series of games with a beautifully crafted story, and wonderful attention to details. Most importantly, the idea behind Rapture was so glorious that it gave me an idea to make a Roleplay Server centered around the world building concepts of Rapture, and it’s inhabitants. This is the main focus of Rapture: The Golden Age. You are a citizen of rapture, doing your damndest to make it in Rapture’s defunct society, hidden under a pretty face. Maybe you're rich, living the life of luxury up in Olympus Heights, or maybe you're scraping along, a nomadic lifestyle trying to find a support group you fit in with and who share your struggles. Or maybe you're financially settled just enough. You're stable but your life is mundane. Maybe you're neither. Maybe you serve a greater purpose to Rapture. Either way, you have a story to tell, so tell it.

WARNING! This is a custom lore server, meaning there are things that do not line up with the game’s canon.

Rapture: The Golden Age is a slice of life narrative server. What do we have to offer?: -Custom Content Submissions. -Community lore contribution. -A friendly community in the works. -A variety of self assignable roles. -An organized and individually personalized rp experience. -A variety of characters to use. OCs, Canon, and even Crossover characters! (Characters from different fictional works.)

I, the owner, as a writer believe in creative freedom, and will always work with people on making their perfect OC. When you see the server for yourself, you’ll see the heart and soul poured into it. Join us today! Start your story and shape your narrative. Bend rapture to your will. (As a writer in my spare time, I highly encourage that if you write any sort of story in tandem with the server, as I do on the side, we encourage the sharing of said content. :) )

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