FROGE saves the rainforest and your wallet!

FROGE is the first eco-token in the cryptosphere and was launched to raise funds for rainforest preservation. Of every transaction, 0,1% is donated to Cool Earth (, the charity that supports rainforest communities in their fight against deforestation and global warming. FROGE cannot be mined, which means the token does not contribute to pollution of any kind. FROGE is the first crypto that is a net positive for the environment.

FROGE is far from only being a charitable investment. Holding FROGE is the best way to earn passive income on the crypto market. This is because of every transaction, 1% is distributed between all holders of the FROGE token.

In these economically troubled times, FROGE is therefore an excellent store of value for your money. No extra FROGE will ever be minted and of every transaction 1% is burned. FROGE rewards investors for holding on to their assets and is hence a very comfortable hold.

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