Temp Beautiful is a brand new server(hoping to grow) all about hanging out and being one with the community, no discrimination here we're all human beings, or aliens too who knows

The server offers some of the things listed below:

More than 80+ roles, 130+ channels, and 18+private VC's(VC's for VIP) Categories for sharing anime, manga, and games An advertising category (VIP members can advertise social medias) Multiple bots to interact with A ranking system (some level roles with unlockable perks) Extra channels like QOTD, polls, random lyrics, stories and much more Custom text channels and VC's can be made for VIP members A very interactive server with much to do Laid out, organized server, roleplay category for furries, and a roast/rap category for people who can spit bars or is good at rapping

This server has so much potential and everyone can help achieve that potential by joining!!

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