In times that only one's so short lived as humans would call ancient ages long past, two kingdoms stood against each other, ready and willing to wage a bloody war for what they thought was right. The Holy Lands of Medea, and the massive sprawling Supercity of Ischyros. The mighty clash that followed tore asunder nearly every tie that the two kingdoms once held for one another, causing the two lands to all but withdraw from any bonds that lay buried into their groundwork, tying them together by their forefathers.

Generations later, towns and cities alike have built between them, as bandits and monsters grow in number, and in boldness, across both the reaches of Medea and of Ischyros. Their wounds still run deep, time doing little to fully heal the underlying vengeful chasm they dug a millennia ago. ///////
The Split is a fantasy roleplay server that offers a great deal of range for those wanting to make characters. We would love for you to come check us out. We have:

~A fairly well made backstory, that honestly isn't even fully needed to enjoy your time here, many locations to start your adventures, with suggestions and room requests being appreciated always

~A fairly comprehensive character template, with optional additions for those who want basic templates, and for those who love to flesh out their characters

~Optional additions for combative characters!

~A role play environment made to help people of any background and experience level when it comes to RP

~A lot of areas and I mean a LOT

~Secrets and dangers!

~Cheese? Cheese. Probably.

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