❥thank you for cheking out the kitsune lounge❣

❥your time is greatly apreciated, i hope you are having a wonderful day❣

❥our gole is to create a relaxing space for people to enjoy.
our team is dedicated to you, and your happines❣

❥as you can see we like foxes, foxes be cuteee. and no you dont have to be a foxo to join, we just like them❣

❥we are a SFW furry comunity, we accept anyone furrys or non furs, we offer a wide range of bots and fun activitys for your enjoyment we have epic rpg, pokemew and care bot❣

❥giveaways and more hosted randomly, we accept any age from 13 upwards, our server has a range of reaction roles to choose from❣

❥50+ custom emotes found only in the kitsune lounge❣

❥there are spaces to share art pieces, and advitise art commisions, we also offer spaces for rp and talking about hobbies❣

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