What if the world we knew and loved became separated into districts? Mortal Cipher is a dystopian take on My Hero Academia with original characters, and original places based on real-life Japan!

Your character could be from one of seven housing sectors within District No. 2. There are dozens of real places for you to draw inspiration from, and because our server is still new, there's plenty of opportunities to build on what we have!

So what do we offer exactly?

  • Friendly Staff and users! LGBTQ+ friendly!
  • 35 roleplaying channels, 3 of which are marked NSFW for those who wish to touch on darker themes.
  • While we do have specific NSFW channels, our server is mainly SFW.
  • Our channels are still expanding, so 35 is not our max!
  • Plenty of social spaces and areas for character building.
  • Opt-in venting channel that allows you to have a safe space to talk about whatever is bothering you. No judgment.
  • We also have robots...

Check us out! New members will be sorted into our verified role once they create a character, but you can still see what everyone is doing. Decide for yourself if our roleplay server is the right fit for you! We welcome one-liners, short replies, and even lengthy responses.

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