At the beginning of time, there existed a group of beings known as the Divine. They were the most powerful beings, and how they came to be is unknown. But one thing is for certain: They are the most powerful beings to walk on earth. Over the millennia they existed, they engaged in conflict and ruled over all the other species. However, one event would change all of that forever. And that was the War of the Dark Times. And after this war, the Seven Lands would be forged by the remaining Gods to bring harmony to the world filled with the non-Divine.


-A medieval fantasy setting

-Music bot

-Self assignable roles

-50 color roles to choose from

-Custom emotes

-75 roleplay channels

-Upcoming moderator opportunities!

-An interactive map showing the world

-Daily questions of the day

-Roleplay as a variety of diverse humanoid (includes elves, dwarves, etc) species and as dragons!

  • Ability to make your own guilds for adventuring, trading, etc.

-A pretty simple lore

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