A medieval world, plagued by tyranny and fear.. are you a fighter or a hider? A leader or a follower? Do you want to change the world? It is safe here, deep in the wilderness, away from people who might try to put a sword in your hands.

But the yearn for adventure is too great, and you want to lead your own way of life.

You could be rich, and travel the world as a merchant, or your could find other's like you, and build a place where you decide what happens.

But do you have the courage to do it? Will you be able to find other's like you, trustworthy peers to aid you in your search? How long will it take and how much blood will be shed before you reach your goal?

Will you stand together against the forces of other fortresses, and protect those you trust?

There's only one way to find out:

JOIN FORTRESSCRAFT! You want to build a fort and be in charge? Basically you will be able to build a fortress, ally with other forts, and define your territory. You can grow your member amount by recruiting other players.

Dont want to be part of a fort? There's lots of options! You could be a traveling merchant, or a deserter, you could be a loner, hell you could even be an assassin who can be hired to kill fort leaders!

want to start epic battles? If you own a fort and have enough members, you can try to take down other forts to claim their territory. But watch out! Is your fort strong enough to withstand attacks?

This is a Java server https://discord.gg/B7vmk75eGr

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