Welcome to the Temple, a warm and welcoming community of PVE players built for the long haul. Our community was built as a place where we could enjoy the game for what it is, without the extra added drama and crazy. In a very short time, we learned that we weren't the only ones looking for that kind of place.

Now that we've got a few years under our belt, and moved into the world of ASA, we're sticking close to our roots: What do players actually want? Mods open a new door for us, and we've decided that the best way to handle them is the same way we always handle choices: By letting the community make them!

We're a community centered group, and that is something that's brought us so much of our success. We use the input received from our community to constantly evolve, and become more of what the players want, while maintaining the balance of a survival game. We're less focused on the pay to play structure than we are the community structure, and that helps us stand out among many other clusters.

Whether you're a solo player or a ten man tribe, we're built to make your ark experience the best it can be, and you have every opportunity to help make that experience what you want it to be!

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