♠️ ──── ⋆ **AceMP **⋆ ──── ♠️

We're a friendly and inclusive community for all aces and allies! We mainly play Minecraft together, but feel free to check in for a chat! We offer:

➤ A semi-vanilla non-competitive SMP on 1.18.1 ➤ A Fabric modded server with the Origins mod on 1.17.1 (and more!) ➤ A helpful and nice community, we like to make new friends! ➤ Vent channels, where you can choose whether you want a response or not! ➤ A mature channel, for those who'd like to have a more serious chat with fellow aces. ➤ Memes! Lots of memes!

We can't wait to see you there!

♠️ ──── ⋆ https://discord.gg/M3KTG98C ⋆ ──── ♠️

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