The Ape Project is delivering automated passive earnings to its holders. This is made possible using NFTs and you earn daily in the cryptocurrency $VARIABLE. You can swap $VARIABLE to Ethereum or reinvest it withing our expanding ecosystem.

The Ape Project is not just another ape NFT project, our name "Ape" is an acronym for Always Progressively Evolving. This means that we are always doing our best to make a great project that will generate wealth for all holders. We are a community that are big believers in the future of blockchain technology and we plan to grow and evolve in the space. The project is community driven where the governance have voting rights and by coming together we can find the right path for the project. We are stronger together as a community and we want the community to grow so please join us!

To start earning $VAR, buy an NFT today on Opensea--->

What can you do with variable?

  • Right now you can use it to buy NFTs in our next drop to increase your $VAR earnings, but more utilities is coming soon!

Doxxed leaders with great visions for the companies that are based in the US. They also have many years of experience in owning and building businesses.

The project is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and registered in the state of Colorado and is owned by the parenting company called NFT Coverage, LLC.

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