The SMP Without A Cool Acronym


A Semi-Vanilla server, with a few quality of life plugins along side an emphasis on YOUR opinion. We enthusiastically support voting in the server, to change server rules, or add plugins or features. We also actively support streamers and allow you to promote your twitch or youtube streams in the SMP!

We also provide some streamer-oriented features such as:

  • Control the bitrate of your Streaming VC
  • Allow and Deny access to individual members so only those YOU want in the vc are allowed in
  • Mute members in your Streaming VC
  • Custom command channel, and chat channel

SOME of the plugins we run:

  • CoreProtect
  • VanillaTweaks
  • Grian's tag game
  • Dynmap and Statistics plugins
  • Essentials (/tpa, /back, /home)
  • ChatItem
  • DiscordSRV for discord chat integration

Hosted on Bloom Hosting for peak performance! 16GB, 5950X

Discord activity bot, Fredboat AND Hydra, Server Booster perks, and more!

1.18.1, Secured from log4j (as most are but some are still concerned)

Supportive and helpful community and staff, come join for a fresh new community that's actively trying to be the best we can be!

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