We are a multi-platformed book club designed with members in mind. We are active book worms with a little bit of sass and we welcome anyone who loves to read!

Bitches and Books is driven by our members! Every month our members suggest and vote on the books that we read. Two books from our polls are selected to give a variety to our readers and there are multiple channels for discussing, not only the books of the month, but other books as well.

We are a happy community of bookworms who feel more like a family than a club. At the base of it all is our love for books, and on our server, you can find book suggestions of all kinds. You can find reading partners for books outside of our monthly choices AND you can always find chats available for books we've read in the past. This means that if you're just picking up one of our old books you can find a whole community who has been through the same pages and felt your pain (haha)!

Bitches and Books is the perfect place for book lovers like yourself! We hope to see you in our server soon!

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