《 The Start Of Greatness 》

Ever grown tired of some rp servers where your actions seem meaningless? Wanted to have more of an impact in the world you rp in?

Welcome to The Start Of Greatness (TSOG), a server where your actions can be notable and do change the world in some way or another!

Lore summary: Humanity went extinct via a war of humans vs "another species." The offspring of their ancestors named hybrids finally emerge to see that the earth their ancestors once new is completely terraformed with new species living in them. There's now a huge world to rediscover, research, and recolonize. What will your role be in this resurgence?


| This server provides a multitude of things, the main ones being: |

• Actual changes in the world via roleplayer actions

• A situations ping for roleplayers to start and join events

• A statless power system that lets you go wild with all sorts of abilities

• Friendly and non toxic community to hang out with

• Due to this server being roleplayer driven many changes and progress can be done by you

• And many many more for you to find out!

May we hopefully meet you and see you make history!!!

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