Japan, Historical Fantasy Universe: Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom -Fandom + RP Community Server!-

Step into the fascinating world of IF's Hakuouki! Experience the struggles of the Shinsengumi with the flair of the fantastic running alongside in this ~Historical Fantasy~ Universe.

  • Nerd out over Japanese history, folklore and fearless (hot) Samurai boys
  • Otome, VN, Anime, Manga, Japanese History/Mythology Fans of all kinds welcome!!!

As a Japanese History & Folklore Appreciation Community this is a place to celebrate samurai/bushi, oni/yokai and all related fantastical creatures in media both new and old.

  • Fans of all types of Otome/VNs, RPGs, Horror/Fantasy, Historical/Period, Romantic/Drama/Mystery ect manga/comics, anime, games, films, books and much more will find themselves at home here!

Come, join us during the Bakumatsu Era (Edo Period) Japan. Meet people who share similar passions and interests, but with unique views that might just teach you something new!

  • Play one of our carefully built -yokai races- designed to enrich the world and our story!

  • Roleplay alongside the Shinsengumi humans during their struggles!

  • Play a canon character, or create someone of your own! (OCs encouraged!)

  • Now also featuring ~by popular server demand~ a mini Genshin Impact Hub!

Whether to RP or just chat, come hang out! We're a small friendly group looking to expand and make new friends. We don't bite, but we can be a little zany or sassy! https://discord.gg/sUDe5HjyBr

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