?? Easy Whitelist!!!

?Welcome to a new 24/7 social event and experience!?

? The VERY first known drinking game created with complex rules was invented by Yale students in the 1940s and was called “Tang.” It was in teams of ten men and eight women would compete by lining up along opposite sides of a long table taking turns to risk activities.

? It’s 2022 and the people of earth need a NEW game. Some NEW excitement. Something FRESH and something BOLD!

? McLearys Ultimate Drinking Game X-RATED! (created by Teiyaih McLeary’s, developed by B.A.G)!

? The first ever Social Network Drinking Game compact for Online: Android, IOS, Web & Metaverse Multiplayer!


? - As to start, each member is doing their part of giving back to good causes. ? - Access to Passive Income from in-game revenue shared amongst holders. ? - Access to your own land and even better the lands offered features. ? - Access to hidden channels in server of Alpha Crypto Networks. ? - Access to secret parties. VIP tickets to parties. Live and Virtual! ? - Access to real in life perks, claimable today: www.badkillerbunnies.com ? - Access to discounts with food and drink hampers ? - Access to selected partnership perks with BKB NFT's. ? - Access to DOA voting with founders in decision making. ? - Access to community investment and funding wallet.

  • Server is crazy good. DYOR. GL @everyone ?https://discord.gg/j7v2ybUz39 www.badkillerbunnies.com | www.badkillerbunnies.com/x-rated


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