Follow the royal road to the unconscious to discover your own deepest secrets

Dreams are created out of the contents of the dreamer's mind; therefore, only the dreamer can interpret their meaning. But sometimes it's difficult to see what's too close to you. Facilitator Giselle will discuss your dream with you, asking questions and exploring associations to help you discover what your dream could be telling you.

Join the Discord server #dream-discussion text channel and talk about your dreams. Weird, mundane, recurring, lucid, nightmare— every kind of dream is interesting!

Foam on the Beer of Sleep also hosts a live voice chat on Discord, starting Thursday, 2 June 2022 at 10pm Eastern Time (New York time). Post your dream on the #show-submissions Discord channel to be considered as a guest for the live show. You can remain anonymous on the show, but please provide your name and email when applying.

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