What awaits you in the Chill River? How about finding out by clicking the join button?

Information: We own a Minecraft server, you will get whitelisted immediately after joining, we play daily there with the following mods such as:

  • Scape Parasites
  • Guns mod Maybe more mods will be added in the future, by recommendations of our members.

Language: Main - English Secondary most common is - Bulgarian, German, Polish and Russian!

What we will provide for you on our server:

  • ? Memes is a must, very nice memes quality
  • ? Diversity in channels
  • ? Events
  • ? Game and movie nights/days
  • ? Gifts and giveaways
  • ? Bots to entertain
  • ? Lofi Radio 24/7
  • ? Good composition of ranks on the server for you to get for free
  • ? Own roles for you to choose like the games you play, for example
  • ?️‍♀️ We are looking for moderators in the future, so you can become one.

Games we mostly play:

  • Project Zomboid
  • Minecraft
  • Don't starve together
  • Roblox
  • Call to arms / Men of War Assault Squad
  • Valorant / CS:GO

Give this server a chance, you will only find a small amount of members, but if you join and support, I think we can create a community in a few days with you!

And if you need something or have trouble, you can always text me. Or the future moderators!

We are strongly against the racism and discrimination, so you can feel safe in our server.

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