Your one-stop shop for all your gaming needs! We are a world-wide gaming community with many different interests! At first, we started as an Overwatch gaming community, but we have since grown. We also have plans for other servers to merge into ours. We play games such as the Call of Duty series, Minecraft, Diablo 3/4, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Roblox, Halo (Master Chief Collection), and much more. We have an Overwatch ex-contender coach who is a top 300 Grand Master and does seminars on how to become better at Overwatch every Saturday! We have two different music bots that are free to use for any member via the pancake bot using Spotify and Maki, which uses Spotify and YouTube. We have movie nights with 99% access to all movies and TV shows. Ai-art via Mid-journey bot for purposes of creating new and fun background art for the server. Our server format and visuals have been customized by hand, and have roles that allow you to control what channels you're interested in. (to prevent you from seeing channels you have no interest in). As the server grows, more volunteer moderators and discord population advocates and developers will be open to any member in good standing.

This server is friendly to anyone of any sex, identify, tribe, or creed. It is not friendly to any bigots, racists, misogynists, or haters of any particular people and will quickly escort them out of the server if they happen to be. Politics are not to be discussed. This is a server where we want to have fun away from the stressors that life can bring on, not add to them.

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