Heya. You there. Yes you, the person reading this.

Come join【 The CORE 】(15+)

Established in 2018, we're a well-built community server for ages 15 and up, centered around Undertale and Deltarune. Chill yet welcoming and warm, you can do a plethora of things in our server and interact with people that all share the same thing you probably joined for- a love for h̶o̶t̶d̶o̶g̶s̶ Toby Fox's wonderful and heartstring-pulling game franchise.

Sure we started off as a theory based server, but we've expanded far beyond that, offering loads of different perks and things to do for our ever-growing yet tight-knit family of 1,200+ members.

Note: We're a very lively and LGBTQ+ oriented community, so if that's not your cup of tea, we're not the kettle you should drink from.


You can:

  • JOKE around with our active and vigilant mods, yes even the owner (we don't bite. usually).

  • SHARE your amazing fan-art and other media amongst our thriving artists community and channels

  • ROLEPLAY to your heart's content in our RP request channels and finally see your dreams about Papyrus making actually edible spaghetti come into fruition (please..someone get him an actual cookbook...)

  • VOICE-CHAT with your friends and other members in our fairly active voice channels. Or, just jam out to some spooktunes with Napstablook/serenade people with your angelic voice in the music channels. We take no responsibility for busted eardrums :)

  • LAUGH it up at server-wide events like CAH and movies nights and strut your stuff in our server contests. We also have our own Minecraft server and regularly host Among Us events.

  • ENJOY our extensive collection of ~350 Undertale emotes and stickers. We pride ourselves on giving you guys that oh-so satisfying moment of a well placed dying inside Burgerpants face. (We maintain a consistent Level 3 boosted status for those tasty extra emote/sticker slots)

  • DISCUSS theories/headcanons freely about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and Deltarune

And MUCH more ;)


With plenty of events and chats to go around, things are hardly boring, if anything a little chaotic. But hey, who doesn't love a little chaos every now and again? (it IS called Discord for a reason after all heheh)

So don't be shy and come on in,

~ It's raining right here ~

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