☾ Has this lockdown been making you feel like you’re slowly going insane? You’re not alone! Join this discord server to ward away loneliness and boredom during the coronavirus quarantine!! We vibin' ☽

DISCLAIMER: ⤷ We are NOT a dating server. ⤷ The intended purpose for this server is to connect people.

✰. What We Offer- ⤷ Active chats. ⤷ Supportive and friendly community. ⤷ Low tolerance of toxicity. ⤷ Venting/support. ⤷ Fun game-nights and server games to help pass the time. ⤷ 100+ Self-roles and colors. ⤷ Leveling up rewards. ⤷ Fun and cute emojis.

✦ Hope to see you join our numbers! :)) ✦

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