Hey there and welcome to the Sanctuary, a furry server based on the different seasons! We're a new, fun and active, currently Autumn themed, server for furries and lgbtq+ people alike! Some of the things we offer in the server include:

  • An active and welcoming community! ❤️
  • Weekly fun events decided by you, the members! ❤️
  • Our own server bot that takes care of the shop, economy and level rewards!
  • Secure welcome and verification systems! ❤️
  • A ton of furry related emojis! ❤️
  • Democratic voting process which all server changes goes through! ❤️
  • Seasonally themed level roles to show off your activity and reputation! ❤️
  • Seasonally themed economy system that allows members to get anything from custom name colours, roles, privileges, and even game codes and discord nitro! ❤️
  • Active SFW and NSFW sections! ❤️
  • Easy to set up optional roles via reactions! ❤️
  • MEMES ❤️
  • And last but not least, a classic and professional region-based staff team that strictly follows the server rules as everyone else! ❤️

Still wondering if you should join? Why don't you take a quick peek in and see for yourself? We're waiting for you with open arms, so don't be shy!

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