Hello! I started this server for a few campaigns I was running and now we've also gotten a few gaming channels for when we aren't playing DND. We're still tiny, but we are always looking for more DMs(help, I've become a forever DM) and players. We welcome new and old alike and don't mind teaching or learning new things along the way. There are currently 5 active campaigns and interest in starting a new one for first time players. All games are currently on roll20 (I have every DND book there) and am looking to start on Foundry as well. The community as it stands is pretty laid back and in to a lot of TTRPG, FPS, Open World Survival, Horror, MTG Arena, and other online games. Also currently have a private Valheim server that is awaiting some dedicated new Vikings. If you want to come by and check us out or join a game, just follow the link and welcome to a new group of friends to nerd out with!

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