Come join us at Mahi Mahi Island!

We've got Mahi-chan, an internet beach, internet cocktails, and good vibes all around! Good times and friends await you at Mahi-Mahi, and we'll be sure to welcome you!

We play a lot of different games and share a lot of interests. Feel free to share your interests, however niche they may be! We find a lot of things we don't know that are very cool. (please don't troll tho)

The manager of the server (me) is also very open to suggestions or just small talk (or memes)! I'm usually very active! (you can talk to the owner? wow! amazing!!)

Our aim is to create an overall comfy and fun experience where we can just have fun and share what we love.

We're still a growing community, but please feel free to stop by and say hi!

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