-18+ Occult and plant based lifestyle server. (Meat eaters welcome!)

-We have regular yoga sessions (for all levels), variety of workout sessions (for all levels), game-nights, meditation, wine/tea VC chill events, book club and more! We are open to feedback and suggestions so if there is an activity you would like to do or host feel free!

-Must participate (in something)

-Here we encourage each other to reach our health and fitness goals in a comfortable, inclusive environment for witches, alchemists, demonolaters, atheists , pagans etc.

-Emerald City is diversity friendly and is founded by BIPOC/POC & LGBTQ+

-All are welcome and no bullying, racism, body shaming, evangelizing, or any other form of harassment is allowed.

-This is a new server so if you are looking to make friends, or become mod there is ample opportunity to do so!

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