Metaverse Idea (MVID) is a collection of 10,000 3D MVID that gives you access to the Multi-Metaverse and has a high chance to Win Up to 3 the Real World Designer Toys to decorate your secret space capsule by holding the MVID-Pass.

Benefits of Holding a limited MVID-Pass:

  • Have a chance to win a Designer Toy(s) Prize every week for 3 YEARS.
  • Exclusive drops (Digital and Physics products)
  • 3D MVID for Multi-Mateverse (Will step by step generate different formats to meet different Mateverse needs)
  • Online merchandise store

Your room is your space capsule, your computer is your engine, and MVID is your 3D pass to the Multi-Metaverse. And, before we hop on this Multi-Metaverse rocket, don't forget that you have so many chances to decorate your space capsule with the prize. Remember, the earliest you get your MVID-Pass will be many chances to win than people joining late.

Metaverse Idea will be the best decision, and well prepared for the Multi-Metaverse one day.

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