Founded from the imaginative fever-dream of a stereotypical, overworked Millennial, Camp Nostagia’s primary goal is to create an environment where adults can come as they are, and enjoy the fun of Discord - free of young teens, edge-lords, drama, and toxicity.

Dear Fellow Millennial,

Due to you sustained, over-attachment to 90’s and 00’s Pop-Culture, as well as your sentimental fondness for the SNES and N64 – we warmly invite you to join us at Camp Nostalgia.

Step away from the doom-scrolling, stop thinking about the housing market, the two economic collapses you’ve witnessed, and your insufferable homophobic uncle.

Summon the chill-vibes of an endless summer, and step onto the old tie-dye painted bus with “Camp Nostalgia” stenciled in black along the side.

Inside the bus, its domed ceiling is plastered with stickers from a 50¢ vending machine. The sticky air smells like zebra-stripe gum, Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers, and Coppertone 50. Through the radio’s gentle static, The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony plays just below the din of excited voices.

Take empty window seat and gaze out at the passing pines, as the trees grow denser. Someone is passing around a warm, squished bag of gummy worms. Your only cares in the world are if you packed enough AA batteries for your Gameboy Color, and if the Pokémon deck tucked in your JanSport will carry you to victory.

We eagerly await your arrival… -The Camp Staff

Join mature, fun, and relatable online conversations about anything and everything.
➸General Chatter ➸Deep Thoughts ➸Shared Fandoms ➸Books & Podcasts ➸D&D ➸Anime ➸Game-talk ➸Nostalgia for the 90's and 00's

If you want to chat, connect, and commiserate with other 25 & older folks - there's room around our fire for you.

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