❝ Purgatory is a general-purpose server for all your server needs, with all

sorts of different channels, categories, and bots to play with,

along with channels made for you to suggest new things!❞


? We offer:

➳ Bots such as Dank Memer, Color-Chan, Epic RPG, and 9 others.

➳ 16 text channels, 10 art channels, and a secret category for NSFW! (18+ only!)

➳ A server hotline for comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions!

➳ Channels designed for you to spam, advertise, and vent!

➳ 6 voice channels equipped with its own voice chat!

➳ Streaming of movies, gaming, and art randomly!

➳ Freedom of speech, as long as it isn't hate-speech or illegal chatter.

➳ An environment that discourages arguments and discrimination against others.

➳ Self-roles!

➳ Friendly staff!

➳ Friendliness to otakus, furries, LGBT+, and other cultures!

➳ Upcoming international channels! :eyes:

➳ A growing community!


Join our server today, if you'll give us a chance! We hope you enjoy it here!

? discord.gg/9wWRFED

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