This server is a hangout for anyone, all we do on here is chill and talk about video games, art, or hobbies. There is a channel on here for pretty much anyone! Join Now!


  1. This Hangout is for Anyone Who found the Invite Link
  2. No Discrimination, (if you are found acting, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist, or Racist you will be banned)
  3. No Nsfw (No p*rn/sexual remarks whatsoever)
  4. Prefered no swearing (You can I guess but it is preferred not to)
  5. No bullying (No targeting a specific person on the server to be rude to)
  6. Be Peaceful (please don't get mad or yell at someone unless they break one of the rules)
  7. No spam (please do not spam text)
  9. Only use bots correctly, (Only use the @Bots in the correct server dedicated to that bot or you will be temporarily kicked)
  10. Report Rule Breakers (If you see someone break any of the rules above please @ me so I can ban them)
  11. HAVE FUN!!! :D

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