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Dead Server
Dead Server
In This Server You Can Do Anything You Want Without Getting In trouble
Greenweb Archives
Greenweb Archives
This a SELF-GOVERNING server - make your own channels, roles, nicknames/colors, delete any message, use bots, enjoy channel topics such as Videogames, Anime, Music, Politics, Porn/ERP and much more...
  • 4chan
  • 8chan
  • Shitposting
Freedom Enjoyers
Freedom Enjoyers
Come here to enjoy your freedom!
  • Freedom
  • Guns
  • Hangout
Wahrheit Freiheit Ordnung
Wahrheit Freiheit Ordnung
Freiheit für die Menschen, Kriege und Repression beenden Agenda: - Natural Law - Abolish government - Psychological issues leading to slavery - Disengage Religions
  • Spiritual
  • Anarchy
  • Psychology