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The LEGO Rebellion
The LEGO Rebellion
This server is for the LEGO community, and is mainly aimed at builders that want to improve their building abilities through MOC Contests. This server is friendly and is open to anyone interested ...
  • Lego
  • Star Wars
  • Lego Star Wars
The Hangout Spot
The Hangout Spot
An LGBT+ friendly chill server for Gamers, Artists, and Nerds in general.
  • Memes
  • Fun
  • Gaming
🍪 [TDoC] The Darkside of Cookies
🍪 [TDoC] The Darkside of Cookies
TDoC - The Darkside of Cookies Gaming Community Server.
The Wisco Warriors
The Wisco Warriors
Hey! If your seeing this, come check out my server! I'm trying to grow a community and make new friends. The name may seem like we are all from Wisconsin, but it doesn't matter. You can always leav...
  • Community
  • Chill
  • Hangout
Misfit Island 18+
Misfit Island 18+
We are a female owned server that wants to bring in people to play games with. We would love to become a huge community of people who hang out and support each other.
  • Girl
  • Gamer
  • Gamer Girl

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