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♥ Kumo is a new chill social server! ♥ We're super friendly and active with voice chats. Introductions, roles, and more! This is a judgement-free server open to everyone!
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vamp  ·    social ; icons
vamp · social ; icons
? VAMP? ☔️?Socializing server filled with extroverts ?☔️ ? Tons of E-Girls ? ? Constantly 24/7 Active Chats ? 24/7 Daily Nitro Drops ? Cute Self-Roles to express yourself. ?Games/movies night eve...
Self Serv
Self Serv
Self serv was created as a side serv to the r/teenagers server but with less restrictions and great people to talk to, self serv is way much better to talk. The community is strictly for people in ...
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